Benefits of Outsourcing your Payroll

What Should You Look For In Choosing Your Payroll Partner;

Reputation – You should only select a provider once you are satisfied that they are competent and reliable, have longevity in business and will be around for your future.

Experience – Ask your provider how long they have been providing payroll services and if all of the relevant staff are suitably qualified to undertake the services they offer. Also, ascertain the depth and scope of their expertise in related areas such as taxation or wealth management.

Suitability – Make sure that your provider understands your business and your requirements, and more importantly, that they can deliver on time. Also, it is important that they are flexible enough to change as your company expands or contracts.

Technology – Your provider should be using the most up to date technology in terms of processing and data security systems.

Transparency – Different providers vary in what they charge, so make sure that you can be billed in a manner that suits your business,. Also, ask that all set-ups, recurring and hidden costs are clearly defined and discussed at the beginning. Unexpected surprises can strain relationships very easily.

Client Focussed – Ensure that they really value your business and they want you as a client. Establish their customer service record, and insist on a high level of communication with an accessible manager. You will need to constantly communicate with your payroll provider.

Compatibility – Finally, and above all, make sure that your payroll partner is easy to do business with. Ask for references if you need to.

Why use CJS Payroll as your Payroll Bureau?

Any business could potentially use our payroll bureau services.  Our customers tell us that the key benefits in outsourcing their payroll to CJS Payroll are:

  • We take all the hassle away, no more fretting every month to do the payroll
  • We are experts, ensuring you are compliant
  • We are accurate, meaning less disgruntled staff on pay day
  • We offer a confidential service
  • We are quick, saving you time and money
  • We are specialists, we take over your payroll leaving you more time to focus on your day job
  • As experts we offer friendly customer service to answer all your questions
  • Less Hassle

We find that many of our customers do not want the ‘hassle’ of payroll.  They are looking for peace of mind and reliability and we pride ourselves on being a payroll partner they can speak to if they have any questions.


We will supply HMRC with information on behalf of our customers and may receive and act upon information from HMRC regarding those businesses.  We are a source of expertise for our customers so that they do not have to employ their own payroll specialist.

There are numerous internal audits to ensure RTI compliance with HMRC and we ensure these are conducted efficiently on your behalf.


Our customers enjoy a reliable payroll that means no disgruntled staff on pay day, and by planning and scheduling your payroll we can help you avoid HMRC fines and penalties. Every payroll is processed in parallel by two members of staff and then cross checked for errors.  This helps in our aim for 100% first time accuracy.

Confidentiality Guaranteed

Some businesses outsource because they are concerned with confidentiality.  The reports can only be seen by designated members of the team, and if employee payment is made via BACS, the bank statement may only show the bulk wage transaction.  Timesheets and time and attendance approval can also be more easily delegated, as hourly rates are held at the bureau and so only hours need to be submitted.

A clear audit trail can also be an advantage.  There is a clear separation between information supplied to the payroll bureau, the information sent to HMRC and the reports received by the business.  The information sent to the payroll bureau can even come from one department, whereas the reports are sent back to another.

Payroll Specialists

We find that many business owners or HR departments worry each month about doing the payroll in house. By using our services, they delegate it to us which means they can then focus on their day job where they can add more value to the business.

Expert Customer Support

We offer expert customer support via phone and email during business hours to answer all your questions and provide advice and guidance with your payroll.

By outsourcing your payroll to CJS Payroll you will experience a hassle free service, enjoying time and cost savings through a simple but powerful solution.

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