Maximise your Employee Value Proposition

Employee engagement is not the happiness of an employee, or how satisfied they are, it is how emotionally invested they are with your company. When an employee cares about your company they will work to reach your business goals. This has been found to increase productivity and profitability as well as reduce staff turnover, making your business stronger and more resilient. Providing benefits other than good pay will help you improve your employee engagement and help you stand out from your competitors in the workplace market. 

We have a new employee engagement platform that has several benefits that can motivate your employees. CJS Engage is an online platform for your staff to access nine market-leading services which will enhance their workplace wellbeing and performance.  

There’s an online GP service which makes it easier to get the medical help they need quicker than getting an appointment at their local doctors’ surgery. If they’re looking to make healthy change in their lifestyle, they can use the fitness and nutrition service to find healthy recipes, get a discount to their local gym, and even find at home video workouts to follow. There are also discounts available for over 850 retailers, to save money on everything from groceries, fashion, entertainment, and even utilities – they can save up to £1200 a year!  

Research from Yoh found that 80% of adults stated that their company’s benefits package highly factors into their decision to remain with their employer. As the job market is getting more and more competitive, it is vital for businesses to offer more than good pay as motivation, having a well-rounded benefits package can help your employees feel more valued and give them access to services they might not have previously considered.  

Start motivating your team today with great employee benefits! 


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