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CJS Engage is our new employee engagement platform that follows a smarter employment model. It combines Payroll, Pension, HR and employee focused functions into one, easy to use platform for both employers and employees.

We know running a business isn’t easy. With the long list of corporate must-dos (think of the HR chores that we all know and love – payroll, pensions, employment documents legislation changes etc…) it can sometimes feel like there are 101 things getting in the way of growing your business.

CJS Engage offers companies the opportunity to work with market leading trusted partners, which aggregates all of the above services into one platform, enables business leaders to free up time and money to grow their business and help their employees. In addition, it takes away all the laborious admin that comes with to deliver the individual departments, while adding in some incredible employee benefits – including 24/7 access to an online GP.

Ultimately allowing our clients to reduce overheads, while giving them the freedom to focus on what matters most: focusing on growing their business.

Learn more about how CJS Engage works

Introducing CJS Engage



HR Strategic & Law

Occupational Health


GP & Emotional Wellbeing


Fitness & Nutritional

Benefits of employee engagement platform:

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  • Payroll – Fully managed Payroll and GDPR compliant ePayslip distribution
  • Pensions – Dedicated Consultant & variety of high performing Pension funds
  • HR & Legal – Legal advice and tribunal representation to help mediate workplace disputes
  • Occupational Health – Professional Support line to reduce burden of HR & maintain H/S standards
  • Wellbeing Hub – Online GP, Counselling and more to assist with employee healthcare
  • Recruitment – We can help find and attract talent, you decide the top candidate best suited for the role.
  • On-site counsel and tribunal representation for any alleged wrongful activity.
  • Compliance support from accidents at work to absence management, and more.
  • 6,000+ retail discounts and cost-saving perks, regularly renewed to let your employees’ salaries stretch a little further.
  • 24/7 GP consultation via phone, Facetime or Skype (including prescription delivery).
  • A superb variety of pension plans in partnership with high-performing fund managers.
  • From gym discounts to home workouts, free health assessments and more.
  • 24/7 helpline offering confidential support for employees in need of extra counsel.

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Do you want to provide the best benefits to your team?

CJS Engage platform helps small and medium employers provide the same benefits to their teams as larger enterprises.

Transform your employee engagement, build work culture worth participating in and achieve better results.

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