CJS Payroll has been going for over 20 years

It is one of Ireland’s most respected payroll and BACS bureau companies with a 30 strong workforce headquartered in Belfast.

Paying your employees and transferring funds to organisations and employees in both the UK and Ireland.

Our skilled staff are supported by tried and tested payroll and BACS technology that allows us to Fully Manage your organisations
Payroll, BACS and Direct Debit processes.

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As any business owner or head of HR and finance in an organisation knows, payroll is so much more than just making sure staff get paid.

The multitude of scenarios for each individual employee can be time consuming for a company: whether there is a handful of staff all working the same shift pattern or thousands of staff on a mix of part-time, full-time, hourly, student, Director, on maternity leave, on commission, working overtime or flexy, paid weekly, 4 weekly or monthly and so on.

Add to that the understanding of continually changing legal requirements, tax and pension mandatory requirements…

Many of the clients CJS represents, have to consider the additional scenario of some staff in Northern Ireland, Great Britain, Republic of Ireland and a few elsewhere in the world.

The CJS team is skilled, experienced and professionally qualified to fully manage the payroll for your organisation. They use specialist payroll and BACS technology, approved for both BACS and Direct Debit processes.

22 years of experience and knowledge, on top of the ever changing legal environment. With CJS, you aren’t outsourcing your payroll. You are bringing an entire payroll, BACS and Direct Debit department into your team.

We don’t simply pay people at CJS, because paying people isn’t simple!
It pays to have a specialist look after your pay.