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Embrace stress-free payroll and payments operations

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Redefining the business payroll and payments experience.

We are dedicated to delivering top-tier payroll services to businesses consistently. With over 25 years of extensive experience and expertise, CJS Payroll ensures precise and punctual payments. With a steadfast devotion to integrity, innovation, and impactful results, we stand as the trusted partner that empowers businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

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Embrace stress-free payroll and payments operations

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Payroll is so much more than just making sure staff get paid.

As any business owner or head of HR and finance knows payroll management can be a bit tricky.

The multitude of scenarios for each individual employee can be time-consuming for a company: whether there is a handful of staff all working the same shift pattern or thousands of staff on a mix of part-time, full-time, hourly, student, Director, on maternity leave, on commission, working overtime or flexy, paid weekly, 4 weekly or monthly and so on.

Add to that the understanding of continually changing legal requirements, such as mandatory tax and pension, holiday averaging, requirements etc…

We work with a wide variety of clients across Northern Ireland, Great Britain and Republic of Ireland.

Skilled, experienced & professionally qualified team

Our specialists use bespoke Payroll and BACS technology, both our BACS and Direct Debit processes are audited and accredited by industry standards.

25+ years experience and knowledge

With CJS, you aren’t just outsourcing your payroll. You are bringing an entire Payroll, BACS and Direct Debit department to your business.

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